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Hawa Cells 30 ampolas Hawa Pharma

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Stimulation of the immune system



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Hawa®cells is a formulation designed for use in neoplasms in general, with special relevance for those stated throughout the text, whose ingredients have been the object of long-term research work, with the objective of designing a final product of efficacy based and scientifically based, not only in relation to the individual components, but also taking from the additional synergies between these components, the maximum expression of activity. The dosages used in this formulation show a compromise between the optimization of effects and very high safety, with its use.

How to Use: First 30 days - 1 ampoule fasting and 1 ampoule 10 to 30 minutes before dinner. After the initial 30 days - 1 ampoule on an empty stomach for as long as necessary until remission of biological and semiological parameters. The recommended daily intake should not be exceeded.