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Super Omega 3 Plus W/Krill 120 caps Life Extension

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Supports cardiovascular and brain health, provides the body with Omega-3 fatty acids.



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Omega-3 and DHA acids in Super Omega-3 Plus EPA / DHA with sesame lignans, olive extract, Krill and astaxanthin can help support the cardiovascular and brain systems, improve mitochondrial function and help maintain adequate levels of fatty acids important.

How to Use: Take two (2) capsules twice daily with meals or as recommended by a healthcare professional.


Pure + ™ wild fish oil and Antarctic Krill oil concentrate (Euphausia superba), Polyphen-Oil ™ olive extract (fruits and leaves) [providing 45 mg of polyphenols, 11.25 mg of verbascoside / oleuropein, 9 mg of hydroxytyrosol / tyrosol], sesame seed lignan extract, Natural Astaxanthin (from the CO2 extract of Haematococcus pluvialisalgae), highly refined fish oil concentrate (Anchovy), gelatin, glycerin, beeswax, purified water, silica, natural flavor , extra virgin olive oil, caramel color, mixed tocopherols, maltodextrin, rosemary extract. Contains fish, shellfish (krill) and sesame. Non GMO

Nutrition facts / package
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Ingredients *
750 mg
DHA 510 mg
Energy 25 kcal
Fats 2,5 gr
Cholesterol - 5 mg
Phospholipids 60 mg
Pure+™ Wild Fish Oil and Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba) Oil Concentrates 2350 mg / **
Extrato de oliva olyphen-Oil ™ (fruta e folha) [fornecendo 45 mg de polifenóis, 11,25 mg de verbascosídeo / oleuropeína, 9 mg de hidroxitirosol / tirosol] 200 mg / **
Sesame seed lignan extract 5 mg / **
Natural Astaxanthin (from CO2 extract of Haematococcus pluvialis algae) 2 mg / **