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Ergyprotect Plus 30 Saquetas Nutergia

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Food supplement based on fibers, clay, turmeric, chamomile, L-Glutamine.



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ERGYPROTECT®, is an optimized combination of prebiotics of biological origin (apple fibers, fermented saracen residues), protective nutrients (chamomile, glutamine, clay) and antioxidants (curcumin, polyphenols) that neutralize toxins, bacteria and unfavorable acids intestinal balance. ERGYPROTECT® naturally soothes irritations of the digestive sphere and promotes the regeneration of intestinal mucous membranes.


ERGYPROTECT® allows to alleviate and rebalance the baso-colitic terrains:

- In the functional problems of the intestine: intestinal hypersensitivity, colitis,

intestinal disorders (alternating constipation / diarrhea, spasms, swelling ...),

- When intestinal hyperpermeability (leaky gut),

- In case of intestinal infections, food intolerances

How to use: 1 to 3 sachets per day out of meals, dilute in a glass of water (150 ml) or according to medical prescription


apple fibers and oligosaccharides (45%), fermented buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum), chicory inulin (chichorium intybus), L-glutamine, chamomile extracts (Chamomilla matricaria) and vine (Vitis vinifera) (sulfites), natural aroma of apple, curcumin, carob peptides (keratonia siliqua), Vitamin B12

Nutrition facts / package
Information by 1 Saq.
Ingredients *
Vitamin B12 0,21 mg / 15%
L-Glutamine 400 mg / **
Chamomile 80 mg / **
Grape Extract 84 mg / **
Soluble fibers 1,7 gr. / **
Chicory Inulin 514,8 mg / **