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L-Glutamine 90 Caps Thorne Research

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L-Glutamine promotes immune health, supports a healthy nervous system



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L-glutamine is the most common amino acid in the bloodstream. It is found in high concentration in skeletal muscle and lung, liver, brain and gastrointestinal tissues. Skeletal muscle contains the highest concentration of intracellular glutamine, comprising up to 60 percent of the total glutamine reserves in the body, and muscle is the primary storage and exporting glutamine deposit for other tissues. However, the gastrointestinal tract is the largest user of glutamine in the body because glutamine provides the primary fuel for the nutrient-absorbing cells that line the walls of the small intestine.

How to use: 1 capsule daily or according to medical prescription


L-glutamine, hypromellose capsule (made of cellulose), silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent)

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