AR Encap 240 Caps Thorne

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Supplement with vegetable extracts of Curcumin, glucosamine, MSM, bromelain, frankincense.



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AR-Encap offers a special blend of nutrients and phytoextracts, such as frankincense, saffron and bromelain, which are extracted from pineapple. The curcumin extract contained here is contained as a phytosome. Phytosome technology combines plant extracts with phosphatidylcholine (the main component of cell membranes) and ensures better absorption and bioavailability.

Advantages of phytosome technology:

Many plant extracts / herbal agents are difficult to absorb. The excessively large molecular structure generally prevents easy diffusion and the non-lipophilic property makes it difficult to pass through the intestinal wall.

Indena® Phytosome® technology disperses water-soluble molecules in phosphatidicoline complexes, which can change from a hydrophilic environment to a much better lipophilic one.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is the main component of a phospholipid. Phytosome® uses phospholipids from sunflower oil. Phospholipids are a natural part of the cell membrane, can be mixed in an aqueous environment and are rich in fat and are very bioavailable when taken orally.

How to use: 4 capsules 1 or twice a day or according to medical prescription


MSM; Glucosamine Sulphate (potassium chloride with glucosamine sulphate); Boswellia Serrata (gum); Curcumin (extract of long curcuma (root) and complex of sunflower phospholipids); Bromelain; hypromellose capsule (derived from cellulose). Leucine Silicon dioxide

Nutrition facts / package
Information by 4 Caps
Ingredients *
Bromelaíne 200 mg / **
MSM 850 mg / **
Glucosamine sulfate (-KCl complex) 750 mg / **
Frankincense extract (Boswellia serrata, resin, 20% beta-boswellic acids) 350 mg / **
Curcumin-phosphatidylcholine complex (Curcuma longa, rhizome, 18-22% curcuminoids) 250 mg / **