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Calcio D-Glucurate 90 Caps Thorne

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Supplements that promotes liver detoxification



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Calcium D-Glucarate (CDG) is naturally produced in small amounts by humans. CDG supplementation has been shown to prevent the recycling of unwanted environmental hormones and toxins, promoting liver detoxification and excretion of these potentially harmful substances.

How it works?

Glucuronidation is the liver's normal process of attaching a molecule of glucuronic acid to potentially harmful substances to detoxify and eliminate them from the body. During liver detoxification in phase II, certain hormones and various fat-soluble toxins will undergo glucuronidation and will be excreted via bile or urine. D-Glucarate calcium helps this elimination process to occur continuously

How to use: 1 capsule daily or according to medical prescription.


Calcium D-glucarate, hypromellose (cellulose) capsule. Hypoallergenic quality: Without the addition of sugar, starch, gluten and cereals, dairy products and lactose, soy, corn, yeast, preservatives, colors and aromas

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