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The leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements for individuals with environmental sensitivities and other special dietary needs.

Kirkman® has been producing pharmaceuticals and specialty nutritional supplements since 1949. We work with leading researchers, doctors and scientists in developing our products. Our goal is to offer the purest, most up to date, highest quality dietary supplements available and in the dosage forms which will be easy to administer to children, adults, and people with special needs and special requirements. Kirkman® also formulates versions of its products which will be appropriate for the sensitive individual or for those with allergic tendencies. These versions of our products are what constitute our very popular “Hypoallergenic” product line.

Kirkman® manufactures prescription drugs (FDA registration 3025062) and manufactures its supplements based on the same standards of operating procedures that drugs are manufactured. This is beyond what the FDA actually requires, but this is how Kirkman® is assured that our products are all of the highest quality.

What are some examples of standard operating procedures patterned after drug manufacturing and that Kirkman® uses?

All raw materials used in products are weighed by one individual and independently weighed by another as a double check to guarantee accuracy.

All raw materials that go into a formula are added to a final blend by one individual and verified by a second individual on the spot.

Specifications for tablets, capsules and liquids are monitored by an independent quality control department throughout the run.

Packaging runs are monitored by an independent quality control department as to package quality and integrity, count or measured quantity, label accuracy, and product quality.

Facility and equipment cleanliness is monitored and verified independently by quality control to ensure that no cross contamination occurs. Does your supplement company manufacture its own products and have its own manufacturing facility?

Many supplement companies have their products outsourced at other manufacturing companies. Kirkman® has its own facility and manufactures nearly all its products in-house. Exceptions to this are certain specialty products which require very specialized, select equipment such as Colostrum, enzymes or soft elastic capsules. In these cases, Kirkman® visits and qualifies the specialty vendor after inspecting and approving their facilities and procedures.

Why is it important for a nutritional supplement company to manufacture its own products?

It is important to ensure the continuity of quality by being in complete control of raw material selection, development of formulations, properly trained personnel, proper standard operating procedures and proper handling and storage of materials and products. When products are outsourced, a company can lose control of how they are being manufactured.

Does your supplement company monitor all its raw materials for source, potency, purity, heavy metals, pesticides, PCBs, casein, gluten, soy and other potential allergens?

Kirkman® does monitor raw materials for these important quality specifications. Only certified suppliers that meet Kirkman’s exacting criteria are approved as vendors. Many supplement companies choose raw materials suppliers based on price. Kirkman® chooses suppliers based on quality. It is not uncommon for Kirkman’s suppliers to do additional testing to get their products qualified.

Kirkman® is the only nutritional supplement company in the world that tests all raw ingredients used in its products (except for creams, lotions and oils) for more than 950 environmental contaminants. No other nutritional company in the world offers this degree of testing.

Does your supplement company have an independent quality control department reporting to top management?

Kirkman’s quality control unit reports independently to top management. If QC says "no," it means "no." If something needs to be changed, adjusted, fixed or rejected, it happens. There are no compromises.

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