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Baby´s Dha+ Vit. D3 60ml Nordic Naturals

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Specific References

Fatty acids (Omega 3) are essential for the proper functioning of the brain. 



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How to use:

It can be taken mixed with food or in the bottle's milk.

Children weighing between 2,270kg and 4,540kg - 1ml

Children weighing between 4,550kg and 9,070kg - 2ml

Children weighing between 9,080kg and 11,340kg - 3ml

Children weighing between 11,350kg and 15,880kg - 4ml


Purified Arctic Cod Liver Oil; D-Alpha-Tocopherol; rosemary extract, Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol in olive oil). Gluten-free, dairy derivatives, coloring or flavoring.

Nutrition facts / package
Information by 4 ml
Ingredients *
Energy 36 Kcal/ 151,2 Kj
Protein 0 gr
Fats 4 gr
Total Omega 3 988 mg / **
   EPA 328 mg / **
   DHA 480 mg / **
   Other Omegas 180 mg / **
Vitamin A 340-1200 UI / 23%-80%
Vitamin D 250 UI / **
Oleic Acid 480 mg / **