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Probiotics and Athletic Performance
14 Mar

The gut microbiome can be influenced by many factors, including diet, supplementation and even lifestyle behaviours. Exercise has been demonstrated to help promote microbial diversity, and increase the number of microbes that support mucosal immunity. In turn, the gut microbiome can also help with parts of athletic performance and the body's response to high-intensity exercise.

In a number of recently conducted reviews and studies, the potential for probiotic supplementation on athletic performance has been investigated. Whilst this field is still in the early stages, the results are currently promising, highlighting that probiotics can help fatigue, oxidative stress and gastrointestinal function.

Evidence suggests that physical exercise may help support certain aspects of the gut microbiome. Physical exercise has been shown in studies to help promote microbial diversity and the proliferation of some microbes that may help support certain aspects of mucosal immunity. It has also been shown to help support a healthy Bacteroidetes-Firmicutes ratio. It is suggested through research that the gut microbiome may, in turn, also help support certain aspects of athletic performance and the body’s response to high-intensity exercise.