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With collagogue action. Increases the production of Glutathione, important on body's detoxification



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Formula based on Cardo Mariano. Rich in aSilimarina, which exerts a direct action on the Liver.

The Cardo Mariano (Silybum marianun L) is a plant whose seeds are rich in Silymarin, an active substance that exerts a direct action on the Liver, protecting and helping to regenerate it. It acts on the Digestive System and has collagogue action (stimulates the release of bile to the Duodenum). It increases the production of Glutathione (an antioxidant that fights free radicals) and helps in the detoxification of the body. It is usually used as a support in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the liver, liver cirrhosis, intoxications and indigestion.

How to Use: 1 Make 1 to 4 sprays, as needed. It should be kept in the mouth for 30 seconds and then swallowed. It can be mixed in water. Should be taken on an empty stomach or 10 minutes before 1 meal.


(2 ml or 4 sprays): Ethanol (0.24 ml); Essential phospholipids (from purified Sunflower Lecithin seed) (100 mg) and Thistle seed extract (Silybum marianum) (80% Silymarin) (30 mg).

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Patented Blend
   Phospholipids (from purified Sunflower Lecithin seed) 100 mg
Thistle Mariano 35 mg / **